The Anthracite Advantage.

Anthracite is very different from coal-burning of the past.
When anthracite is used as the primary source of heat in a home or business,
it's modernized furnaces with coal-feeding and ash removal systems require little effort by the consumer.
About ten minutes a day during the coldest months is all it takes to tend the furnace.
Hand fired stoves benefit greatly from this characteristic as well.

Anthracite is the cleanest burning solid fossil fuel known to man!
Because anthracite is 82-86 percent carbon, it burns at a very high level of BTU's.
Thus, the cost per million BTU's is significantly lower than the cost per million
of gas, oil, electricity, cord wood, or wood pellets.
Anthracite burns longer, without tending, than wood, or pellets.

Environmental Impact.

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