Barrington, NH   (603)-335-3138


Our goal, is to provide top quality fuel products, at a fair price.
We don't sell lumber, tools, or patio furniture.
We sell coal and pellets. Period.
And we vow to give you the best service possible.
The kind of 'old time' service that is getting harder and harder to find.
The kind box stores just can't provide.

When you call McManus Fuels, you talk to the owner.
The same person that orders the product, drives the forklift,
and delivers your order if you choose.

When we started out, we only carried LG pellets, and Kimmel coal.
To better serve our customers, we have expanded our line,
and added Okanagan pellets, and Blaschak coal.
This enables us to be able to have stock, when others may be out.
We do NOT sell inferior products, and we won't.
Our products have the highest industry ratings, and best customer testimonials.
You have a substantial investment in your stove.
Don't try to use bargain fuel in it!!

Pellets and coal is what we do!!
We want you to serve you for years to come!!


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