Coal Special!!! See below!!

We have a limited quantity of hardwood/softwood blend pellets.
We have had very good comments on these!!
LG Maximum @ $279/ton!!
Thanks for your continued support!!!

(Updated January 16, 2018)

Brands with ** are on 1.2 ton pallets only! (60 bags)

1 T

1.2 T

Olympus Douglas Fir $369  
LG Super Premium $289  
La Crete ** $275 $330
LG Granules $279  
LG Maximum (hardwood/softwoodblend) $279  
North Country** $249 $299
(vanderhoof) Platinum** $255 $305

**Please Read!
La Crete, Platinums, North Country...
only come on
1.2 ton pallets!

A 1 ton pallet has
50 bags.
A 1.2 ton pallet has
60 bags.
The ton prices above are based on what 1 ton of the pellets cost,
so that you can compare to other brands... per ton.

We now have Premium Blacksmith coal !!!! (call for pricing)-

Blaschak Coal sizes: Nut, Pea, Rice, Stove. 40# bags
$325 $309/ton or, $389 $370/pallet (1.2tons)

Our pellets are NOT what you get at the box stores!!!
If you are not happy with your stove's performance, it's probably not your stove!!
We have customers who have tried to use cheaper product,
and come back saying they will NEVER do it again!!

You bought a nice stove, why put inferior fuel in it?
It doesn't make sense!

Give a call.... (603) 335-3138

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