Our Olympus pellets are 100% Douglas Fir...
NOT a blend!

We have had quite a few inquires regarding Douglas Fir pellets.
Mostly from people who see ads for them, and wonder what all the hoopla is.
..Douglas Fir pellets, are considered the hottest, cleanest burning pellets available!..
There is no question, that they are considerably more pricey
than regular premium grade pellets.
Generally in the $400+ range!!
But many just love them, and "treat themselves" to some
for the absolute coldest months of the winter.
Some burn nothing but!

Kind of like splurging on a lobster roll, instead of a hot dog!!!

With a BTU rating as high as 9000! They put out some serious heat.
But the other big bonus to the
Northwest Douglas Fir, is the very low ash!!
Less than .25%, and the least amount of fire pot residue buildup.

So we decided to get a few tons, to see what the response would be,
and to find out if there are any pellet burners out there interested in trying
out the Ultimate Pellet!!.
What a surprise!! They have been selling extremely well!
We have sold more than three truckloads!

So if you want to try them, or think you may want to,
give us a call, and let us know!
We are offering these at a great price, way below anyone in our area!!
If you can even find them!

Check the price page for latest pricing...