Our Olympus pellets are 100% Douglas Fir...
NOT a blend!

When we first decided to offer the Douglas Fir, as an option,
we really did not know what the response would be.
There is no question, that they are considerably more pricey
than regular premium grade pellets.
Generally in the $400 range!!
We knew they were good, but didn't know how good...
We had a lot of folks try them when we first got them,
and now, many use them exclusively.
Others use a couple of tons during the really cold weather.

With a BTU rating as high as 9000! They put out some serious heat.
But the other big bonus to the
Northwest Douglas Fir, is the very low ash!!
Less than .25%, and the least amount of fire pot residue buildup.
From our own experience with them, in Harman P68's,
we can go a month without emptying the ashpan... easily.

We have great prices, on what we feel is one of the absolute best brands.

Check the price page for latest pricing...