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Barrington NH. (603) 335-3138.. ....... updated 11:10am 6/30/2015

We have been VERY busy with deliveries!!
If you call and we are out...
just leave a message... and we will get back to you asap...


The 'skinny' on Douglas Fir pellets!!!!! ..


*****A Note About the 2015-2016 Heating Season*****

First of all I would like to thank all my customers, past and present,
for buying your coal and wood pellets from me.
The last two years have been a very eye opening journey,
for growth in both customer base, and total sales.

This growth, however, has caused concern relative to delivery orders.
I have decided to post this note to inform my customers that this
delivery season will start mid-April and continue thru August 15
It is nearly impossible, for a one man operation
(with some help from my daughter Kate and web-guy Dan)
to make deliveries after mid-August,
and to also be here to answer the phone,
and load customers that pick up their own product.

Secondly, if you prefer delivery, I would encourage you to purchase
your coal or pellets, as soon as possible.
Last fall I was overwhelmed with phone calls for both.
60-100 calls per week, for hundreds of tons, was not uncommon.
This started late August and continued thru Thanksgiving.
That amount of product does not exist for us in that timeframe.
I have excellent suppliers, who do their best to fulfill my orders.
But they caution me not to expect that volume, in the fall.
So what I suggest, is that if you have the ways and means...
buy your product early!
I expect to get at least a tractor trailer load every week,
gearing up for this upcoming season, but the suppliers will
not be delivering this much once the "rush" begins.

As always, I will do my best to help all of my customers, old and new,
with their coal and pellet needs. But I cannot stress enough..

Please plan ahead!

I hope you all have a happy and healthy spring and summer.
Again, thank you for your kindness and loyalty over the last 8 years!

Yours truly, Henry McManus


Since 2008, we have striven to provide the 'local guy' type service,
that many people seek, and appreciate today.
The kind of 'old time' service that is getting harder and harder to find.
During the shortage fiasco of last spring, we are proud to say
we never ran out, and never turned anyone away, when most places in
New England were OUT!

When you call McManus Coal and Wood Pellet Sales, you talk to the owner. Henry.
The same person that orders the product, answers the phone, and drives the forklift!

We believe we have some of the best quality coal and pellets available.
We stock LG Granules, LG super premium, and now, Lacrete super premium pellets.
And we now have Douglas Fir pellets for the ultimate in pellet heating fuel!!
We also sell the very popular Blaschak coal.

We do NOT sell inferior junk products, and we won't.
Our products have the highest industry ratings, and best customer testimonials.
You have a substantial investment in your stove.
Don't try to use bargain fuel in it!!

Pellets and coal is what we do!!
We want to serve you for years to come!!


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