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Another heating season has come and almost gone, and what a challenge it has been! I want to thank all of my customers old and new for your business and patience. I want to keep all of you posted on the up coming heating season. All of my suppliers have told me pricing will increase, amount and when is not known at this time. I have 3 different suppliers and yes they know my concern about price increases. I will do my best to be pro active to try to keep them as low as possible. One way I do this is to pre buy from them from now thru July but they will not commit to do this for the up coming season for they tell me the raw material is of short supply at the mills and not expected to ease anytime soon.So just keep this in mind. If you have the ways and means to buy early I suggest you do.As far as delivery I have been overwhelmed the last 3 years, working 75-110 hours a week all spring, summer, and fall. This has to stop and slow down. All customers looking for delivery must call no later than mid May and you must be able to take delivery when I call you. If this is not possible for you I apologize. Maybe you can find a way to pick your fuel up?? Again thank you for supporting this one man small business. Have a safe and healthy year.   Henry

We sell bags, on select brands.. or by the pallet all brands..!!
(Please... Always call ahead to be sure we will be here!!)

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-Our In Stock Brands -Douglas Fir??
-Current prices -Bagged Coal
-Delivery -Smithing Coal

This is a small, local, operation. When you call, you talk to the owner. Henry.
The same person that orders the products, answers the phone,
plows the yard, drives the forklift, and just about everything else!

We want to serve you for years to come!! You aren't just a 'phone call' to us!

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