These are comments from some of our friends via email or forums.
Thank you so much for the kind words, and feedback!!
(some edited for brevity..)

#Olympus. I had high hopes for these pellets and man did they deliver!
Pellets themselves are reddish in color have a super glossy sheen and dense.
Fines were very low and the ash was a medium grey color and super fine.
Glass stayed very clean.
I decided to push these a bit to see what I could squeeze out of these.
I wound up getting the highest temp I ever got out of my stove!!

#La Crete. A great softwood. The pellets have a light blonde color.
I really like how small they are and feed very well.
Heat was good and consistent flame. Low ash and little hard ash build up.
#Platinums. When I opened the bag there was a nice pine smell.
Pellets where a good length. Ash was on the low side with little hard ash
in the burn pot. I would recommend these for the price.

#why would people spend $299.00 for *** at Lowes when you can
go up the road 5 minutes and get Platinums for $248 at McManus?

#Olympus. All in all these are nitro for your stove
and I wish I can get these all the time.
These are one of the best, if not the best, pellets I've ever burned
If you can get your hands on these grab some and give them a try,
you shouldn't be disappointed!

#I rate these 5+ stars.

#Highly Recommend!!!

#I've burned La Crete exclusively this season; like them a lot.
If I had to come up with one negative I'd say they're a little dusty.
However, heat is great and these are making stove cleaning
easier than washing dishes.

#Platinums. These pellets are leaps and bounds ahead of any
BBS pellet I've burnt. I burnt 2 tons last year.

#Shout out & Thanks to Henry and Dan for the Olympus




I daresay after you try a bag, you will be convinced .
The force is strong with those Olympus DFs.

#Update: have been burning -only- La Cretes for the past week,
stove typically needs to be shutdown 18 hours w/ other pellets
in order to clean out the burn pot, ended up running over 30 hours w/ these,
and the stove could have kept on going..
We're Happy Campers here.

#My local Agway has carried Platinum's this year, pricey,
but they are $300 a ton.
$248??Good sale, Dan!!

#Loving laCrete here w/ the lighter "fluffier" ash
that is keeping the burn pot clean

#Made the trip and met Henry today. Got two 1.2 tons of la cretes
and 3 bags of the Olympus to try. Great guy. Thanks Dan!

#These Olympus are the best I have burned. Pellets are a nice length,
with a some what reddish color.
Heat output is great. Ash, what ash?
Very low ash and not much of anything left over in the burn pot

#la crete If you can get your hands on these go grab some and give them a try!

#Platinum another very good softie pellet. Great heat,
low ash and the glass stays amazingly clean.

#La Cretes are burning here tonight. Toasty!

#Olympus DF. So sad, I will miss them. Not available in my area.
These are rocket fuel quality

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